Our finishing motto is "it's all about the wood", we use only woods specially selected for their colour and the beauty of their grain (figuring) each piece is then individually hand stained to further enhance it's natural beauty, then we apply a light but very hard wearing and heat resistant top coat to seal the wood and to give depth and luster to the piece, at this stage the appearance is of a semi gloss which is then further enhanced by a final hand polishing using our special formula and a quality beeswax to give a slightly aged appearance, this process can take many hours depending on the size of the individual piece, such is our attention to the detail and the quality of our product.

Our finishing process also has the benefit of being a very simple finish for your customers to care for, with only an occasional application of a good quality furniture polish your customers will easily be able to maintain a beautiful long lasting luster and continually add to the patina of these beautiful individual craftsmen made pieces.

Colours, we have 4 standard wood finishes, and a large selection of sprayed or hand painted colour finishes, our finishing department can also faithfully reproduce customer colour samples plus all manner of distressing, so if you have your own ideas, don't worry we love working with our clients to produce something unique.

Please note: whilst we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the continuity of our finishing, colour matching is not an exact science, we use only solid wood which is full of beautiful grain which can vary the colour slightly on individual pieces this is not a negative as only with real wood can you get the true beauty and individuality of every craftsman made piece.

French Antique White
Red Mahogany
Light Mahogany
Tea Brown Mahogany
Gold Leaf
Walnut Mahogany